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One of the key parts of any IT office system is the company accounts system. This is where we excel. We develop our own accounts and business management software called Colossus, using the latest Microsoft .NET technology.


It has been designed to meet the needs of the 21st Century businesses. The name reflects the breadth of the software. It currently includes customer ledger, supplier ledger, nominal ledger, product system, sales order processing, Purchase order processing. Time and Attendance and Point of Sale.

Fuel Distributor Software

The cost of fuel may be high, but the distribution market remains highly competitive. The market required an efficient and comprehensive software package, which addressed such requirements as RDCO compliance, oil ticket printing and telephone system call logging, while also being simple to operate SWIFTsoft have been very successful in this market and continue to innovate to keep their customers one step ahead of the competition. 

This software has expanded to support oil terminals. Additions included electronic connection to a Terminal Automation System, automated payment of Irish fuel duty, production of all necessary driver documentation, electronic invoice transfer and direct debits; demonstrating again the benefits of locally developed software.

Electricity Software

In 2012 one of our existing customers decided to make a move into the electricity supply market in Northern Ireland. As an existing user of our Colossus software it made sense to integrate the functions required for their new venture into a system they already knew.


Over the years since the start of the project the electricity functions within Colossus have evolved to include:


  • flexible configuration of tariffs, passthroughs, other charges and pricing

  • billing processes based on SEMO energy and capacity prices and, more recently, the I-SEM energy market

  • integration with the all island market messaging system

  • extensive array of reports.


The application has continued to develop as the customer’s requirements have changed.


Since then they have also moved into the electricity supply market in the Republic of Ireland and gas supply market in Northern Ireland.

Cloud Backup Solution

Our Cloud Backup Solution helps protect against data loss, which can occur as a result of viruses, user error or natural disaster to name a few. We run automated backups, which can be scheduled to start and stop at any time to suit your needs. Once the initial backup has completed we only upload the changes from the initial backup. This make the backups fast and has the added benefit of allowing us to restore from a specific date rather than the most recent backup. 

Our Cloud Backup Solution currently supports the following backup types:

  • File 

  • SQL

  • Exchange

  • System State

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